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About mBC

What Is mBC?

Metastatic breast cancer, or mBC, is the most advanced stage of breast cancer in which cancer has spread beyond the breast to other organs in the body like the bones, lungs, liver or brain.1 It remains an incurable disease in need of further research and support.2 While early stage breast cancer itself is a life-changing diagnosis, there is still hope for the possibility of remission and full recovery. However, despite improvements made with early detection and treatment, there is currently no cure for mBC.2 Women with mBC face a median survival of just two years following a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.3

In Canada, 5-10% of newly diagnosed breast cancers are metastatic, and among those first diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, there’s approximately a 20-30% chance of developing mBC.4,5,6

‘Metastatic’ is something few want to speak about, leaving women with metastatic breast cancer feeling isolated, alone and excluded from the greater breast cancer story.7

It is time we collaborate to support the unique needs of women living with mBC, including access to clinical research, funding for innovative treatments as quickly as possible, and resources. For more information about mBC, read the Metastatic Breast Cancer in Canada report.

The mBC Symbol

Breast cancer is a story half told and it’s about time we talk about the other half. The mBC symbol empowers wearers to express compassion and draw attention to mBC in support of increased conversation around metastatic breast cancer. It’s time to raise awareness and start talking about the unique needs and challenges of mBC patients, including lack of research and awareness, as well as the need for resources, funding, and access to innovative treatments.