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Who We Are

Who We Are
We are the Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN), Rethink Breast Cancer (Rethink), the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, and a leading research-based pharmaceutical company in Canada. We’re partnering to spread the word about the harsh reality that women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (mBC) face.

While mBC is treatable, there is currently no cure.2 On top of that, lengthy and unbalanced wait times to gain access to treatment can cause enormous physical, emotional and financial strain on women with mBC and their families at a time when they’re trying to slow the progression of the disease and maintain the best possible quality of life.8 ‘Metastatic’ disease is something few want to speak about, leaving women with mBC feeling isolated, alone and excluded from the greater breast cancer story – and it’s time these women got the attention they deserve.7

Canada’s leading patient-directed organization, the Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN), strives to ensure that the patient perspective informs decision-making globally. CBCN has been actively working with the metastatic breast cancer community to promote the patient voice and address the unique and distinct needs of metastatic patients and their families. CBCN’s comprehensive Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer hub connects patients with information about treatment, drug access, financial support, practical issues and how to join others in advocating for access to the best care. The hub also provides an online community for patients to share their story and connect with others living with metastatic breast cancer.

As global leaders in the young women’s breast cancer movement, Rethink Breast Cancer works to ensure young women with breast cancer receive the best treatment, information and support – no matter what their cancer stage.

Through the Metastatic Breast Cancer Project, Rethink Breast Cancer educates the metastatic community and public about the unique needs of women with metastatic disease, empowers those living with the disease through helpful tools and community, and advocates for change to important services and access to treatment. Rethink’s multi-media hub called The Metastatic Diaries is a collection of blogs, vlogs, photo essays and artwork that gives those living with metastatic cancer a compelling and meaningful way to shape their identity and share their voices to help create change to improve the lives of other women living with breast cancer.

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is the only charitable organization in Quebec dedicated entirely to the fight against breast cancer. The Foundation has focused its mission on promoting the well-being of affected people and their loved ones through research and innovation, support and educational materials and raising awareness. Researchers, volunteers, donors and families alike are all connected by the same hope of being able to live in a world without breast cancer.

The CBCN, Rethink, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and a leading research-based pharmaceutical company in Canada are proud to be working together on It’s about mBC Time, the first campaign of its kind in Canada, because it’s about time women diagnosed with mBC have their voices heard and stories told.