What is mBC?

Metastatic breast cancer, or mBC, is the most advanced stage of breast cancer in which cancer has spread beyond the breast to other organs in the body like the bones, lungs, liver or brain.2


mBC by the numbers:

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Every year 28,600 women in Canada will learn they have breast cancer (as per most recent estimate 2022).3

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5% of these women will be diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.4

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On average, 15 Canadian women die from metastatic breast cancer every day.3

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Breast cancer affects men too.

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In Canada, approximately 270 men will learn they have breast cancer annually, with 9% of cases diagnosed as metastatic.

What does it mean to receive an mBC diagnosis?

While early-stage breast cancer itself is a life-changing diagnosis, there is still hope for possibility of remission and full recovery. Despite improvements made with earlier detection and treatment, there is currently no cure for mBC.2 Only about 30% of women are still alive five years after receiving their mBC diagnosis.1

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What is it like to live with mBC?

For every patient, the experience is different. In addition to the physical elements, many patients with metastatic breast cancer can feel isolated, alone and ignored.1 The emotional toll of mBC can be profound and can transcend into how they feel about themselves, communicate with others and live their lives.

Where can you learn more?

Whether you’re dealing with metastatic breast cancer first-hand, navigating the disease, supporting a loved one or want to learn more to support the cause, you’ve come to the right place. Visit our resources page for materials from trusted partners and industry experts.

Where Can You Learn

Learn more about what it’s like to live with mBC and help us shine a light on patients’ stories.

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